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[01 Feb 2007|10:12am]


The Queers CD & DVD Contest
Enter by: Feb 20th
Enter Here
2 winners will get the new Queers Album "Munki Brain" and DVD "The Queers Are Here":

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No Regrets [12 Dec 2005|02:02am]


Hey, if your bored or care about underground punk bands


Check us out, Were a punk band from Detroit, Michigan.Add us if you like us and leave a comment, or if you hate us and want to tell us we suck.

Main influences are shitty bands like Nofx, Bad Religion and the Suicide Machines.

Thanks for your time

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have your high schooler (or yourself) "opted-out" [15 Sep 2005|10:11pm]

[ mood | outraged ]

This is copied from a recent email I received from Music For America:

What is Opt-Out About?

You've seen the flyer at our shows, and right now we're about to do a big push (see below) on the issue of the military Opt-Out for high school students. It's the way you keep recruiters from getting your personal contact info from your school.

See, Bush's "No Child Left Behind" Act says high schools have to turn their students' contact info over to The Pentagon, except for the kids who fill out a form asking to be left out. A lot of people don't even know the form exists, so that's why we made our own.

If you're not in high school, you can help fight this invasion of privacy by signing this petition to end it. If you are in high school, there's a lot more you can do. Seeee below...

Take it to Your School

High schoolers: MFA needs you for a quick and dirty military Opt-Out campaign. Your school will be selling you out to the military recruiters sometime in October. But it's easy to protect yourself and your classmates by distributing the Opt-Out form. Get a stack, plus our new antiwar t-shirt, and other good stuff, mailed to you at school by contacting jessica@musicforamerica.org. You can also download the form (English or Spanish) here.

Hey, if you're not in high school anymore, will you tell someone who is?


Thanks guys!

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A7X 6-7-05 [07 Jun 2005|01:39pm]


In stores today!!

Go pick up a copy and listen to the new sound of metal.

Also, for those in Hollywood, A7X is doing a signing for the release at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. at 7:30pm tonight.
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Emo Lyke Woah! [07 Mar 2005|09:50am]

promoCollapse )
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Promo...Im sorry! [04 Mar 2005|05:58pm]

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AMBER PACIFIC [03 Jan 2005|11:24am]

Go listen to Amber Pacific on Pure Volume,
they are in the top 10 most played for today!!
Lets keep them up there!!
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A bit of Hopeless/Sub city news while we are still in 2004... [30 Dec 2004|01:57pm]

We all survived the annual Hopeless holiday cruise...thanks to all the
labels and people who joined us...you made the experience that much more
fun...to see all of us on the boat check out the photo at


New masters arrive at Hopeless!
The mastered version of Kaddisfly's Hopeless debut "Buy Our Intention, We'll
Buy You A Unicorn" in stores March 8, 2005 arrived at the office. This album
is a musical playground taking prog midevil punk to a new era. We will be
posting an mp3 from the new album in early January on hopelessrecords.com,
downloadpunk.com, and the bands purevolume, myspace band pages. Go to the
link below to download their free MP3 of "Midnight in Shanghai", a featured
track from Take Action Vol. 4.


Amber Pacific
We also just received four rough mixes from the Amber Pacific recording
currently going on in Seattle WA. I have to say we were all smiling hearing
the new tracks as all their new songs far surpass their debut ep which you
can check out on downloadpunk.com.

Expect an MP3 of one of the new recordings online soon and the full album
out in May 2005.

Have a wonderful and safe New Year!
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KADDISFLY [09 Dec 2004|12:39pm]


9:00-2 Cents

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EVER WE FALL [18 Nov 2004|10:26am]

We are excited to announce the signing of Portland band Ever We Fall. The ink is dry and it is official, Ever We Fall is now part of the Hopeless / Sub City Family. We’d like to welcome this awesome band and want to say that we are extremely excited to be working with such a talented group of musicians.

Ever We Fall provides an alternative to the sometimes-usual indie scene, with flavors varying from ambient/emotional to pop influenced rock.

Appealing to fans of everything from emo to hardcore these guys are sure to be a breakout success in 2005. The band has been honing their craft in Portland for the past two years. They spent this past summer on their first ever US tour. These 17-19 year-olds are currently preparing to do some more touring as well as continue writing some new tunes to go on their debut full length set to hit the streets in 2005. The Hopeless full-length will be the follow-up their debut EP, Endura, on Rise Records.

Adam Brazie of Ever We Fall (Vocals/Guitar) had this to say about the signing, “We’re so excited to be signing to one of the labels that we’ve grown up listening to and a label that we have so much respect for…” he goes on to say “being label mates with our brothers Kaddisfly just tops off the excitement!” Adam, we’re psyched too!

To learn more about the band check out their BAND page. There you will find some photos, a bio and make sure to also check the DOWNLOADS PAGE for a chance to hear free MP3 of the unreleased track, ‘State Bird the Mosquito’. Please join us in welcoming Ever We Fall to the family!
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a-pac [06 Oct 2004|09:48pm]

hey guys,
i know most of you already know how
talentd and amazing amber pacific is,
so make sure you go to their pure
volume page and check out their new song.
im sure you're gonna love it, because i do.


send the link to a friend. help spread the word
about these guys.
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[28 Aug 2004|05:47pm]

Hey ya'll.

The Break the Silence community Six Foot Revolver is newly update and improved, a rad new look I just got done putting the finishing touches on. So if you're a fan of BTS, please join Six Foot Revolver, the only (as far as I know) livejournal community dedicated to Break the Silence.


Timmy + Frances
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[22 Aug 2004|08:27pm]


the place for emo, punk, indie, metalcore and hardcore mp3s
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Im new *Waves* [18 Aug 2004|10:47am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I just went to the St Pete Warped tour like 3 weeks ago and saw Amber Pacific and Melee <33 Here's a couple pics from there....Man were they Awesome..and really down to earth and nice me and Sam (girl in the julius tank next to me) Chilled with Amber Pacific for like half an hour and Chris from Melee was as sweet as can be!Read more...Collapse )

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so; [13 Aug 2004|01:43am]
so i love avenged sevenfold. and thrice. to pieces. and that is all i have to say.

p.s. if you love them too, please be my friend. life would be good.

the end.
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as promised... [24 Jul 2004|03:46pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

here they are, from... uh... some date i forgot. two months ago? but that doesn't matter.

this is one of the many times they have played at club adrian in tacoma, washington.

all photos done by zombiechucks on my camera.

amber pacific pictures!Collapse )

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[23 Jul 2004|07:55pm]

[ mood | creative ]

i'm new. and all i have to say is:

amber pacific is the best fucking band ever.

i have pictures of them at club adrian in tacoma, washington. i'll post them whenever i get on my laptop.

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[15 Jun 2004|11:20am]

Pre-order Melee's "Everyday Behavior" and get
Hopelessly Devoted Vol. 5 for FREE!

Here's the skinny:

We want you to have it all, and since we have two great new CDs coming out on June 29th, it only made sense to give one away for
FREE when you pre-order both!

Everyday Behavior is the long awaited debut full-length from Orange County darlings Melee. Piano-based rhythms, sugar-coated pop hooks and Beach Boys-esque harmonies formulate an album rich with songs that merge the indie-rock sound with pop sensibilities. A stellar debut!

Hopelessly Devoted Volume 5 is a 14 song CD sampler with 7 never before released tracks including one from THRICE and AVENGED SEVENFOLD (a live version of Eternal Rest)! In addition, the CD has an enhanced portion for pc that plays music videos from Thrice and Avenged. If you pre-order both and enter in the coupon code at checkout, you will get HD5 for FREE!

Coupon Code: FREECD

Click here to pick it up
Hopeless Records
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say hello to amber pacific [21 May 2004|04:23pm]

We want to introduce you to our newest band, one that we're super-excited about.

...and to get you aboard, we are giving you a rare opportunity to pre-order their debut EP,
Fading Days for an amazingly low price of only $4.99!!

Also we've decided to complete the package by dropping a couple of bucks from their brand new T-shirt. For a limited time you can grab one for a cool $10!

Go visit the hopeless records website to pick it up,
you won't be disappointed!!
It's such a great cd, I never take it out of my cd player.

p.s. the guys are really nice and sweet;
amazing and very funny.

they're going to be playing with melee @ the chain reaction on june 21st, so those who live in the la or oc area, don't forget to check them out!!

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cool idea [20 May 2004|12:37am]

[ mood | happy ]


Ganked from so_says_i posted in xhot_rockersx:

If gas is $1 more per gallon it will KILL the small touring band. so they need your help. what you can do is spend an extra dollar here and there. if its a small show...pay $1 extra to get in....and tell them you want to help the bands with more gas than expected. or take the initiative to walk around with a hat and say you are collecting for extra gas money for the smaller TOURING bands. and split it between the bands.....if 50 people give an EXTRA $1 to help out 2 bands from far away...thats a tank of gas...and thats goes FAR.

if you are in a local band playing...donate the money you would have gotten paid to the touring bands (these are things you should do anyway, but the help is REALLY needed now)

another way is to buy merch from these bands. even if you dont like them buy a $4 7". if you do like them and were getting the 7"s anyhow. give them an extra dollar for everything you bought...say you got a shirt and CD for $18...give em a $20 and call it a day. tell them you want to help out with gas for them. if everyone helped out a little extra this summer...you would be helping out some people that are working thier asses off to give you something to do on a friday night......$1 is nothing to you..its the world to them.

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