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have your high schooler (or yourself) "opted-out"

This is copied from a recent email I received from Music For America:

What is Opt-Out About?

You've seen the flyer at our shows, and right now we're about to do a big push (see below) on the issue of the military Opt-Out for high school students. It's the way you keep recruiters from getting your personal contact info from your school.

See, Bush's "No Child Left Behind" Act says high schools have to turn their students' contact info over to The Pentagon, except for the kids who fill out a form asking to be left out. A lot of people don't even know the form exists, so that's why we made our own.

If you're not in high school, you can help fight this invasion of privacy by signing this petition to end it. If you are in high school, there's a lot more you can do. Seeee below...

Take it to Your School

High schoolers: MFA needs you for a quick and dirty military Opt-Out campaign. Your school will be selling you out to the military recruiters sometime in October. But it's easy to protect yourself and your classmates by distributing the Opt-Out form. Get a stack, plus our new antiwar t-shirt, and other good stuff, mailed to you at school by contacting You can also download the form (English or Spanish) here.

Hey, if you're not in high school anymore, will you tell someone who is?


Thanks guys!
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