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dirty little sins

A bit of Hopeless/Sub city news while we are still in 2004...

We all survived the annual Hopeless holiday cruise...thanks to all the
labels and people who joined us...you made the experience that much more
fun...to see all of us on the boat check out the photo at


New masters arrive at Hopeless!
The mastered version of Kaddisfly's Hopeless debut "Buy Our Intention, We'll
Buy You A Unicorn" in stores March 8, 2005 arrived at the office. This album
is a musical playground taking prog midevil punk to a new era. We will be
posting an mp3 from the new album in early January on hopelessrecords.com,
downloadpunk.com, and the bands purevolume, myspace band pages. Go to the
link below to download their free MP3 of "Midnight in Shanghai", a featured
track from Take Action Vol. 4.


Amber Pacific
We also just received four rough mixes from the Amber Pacific recording
currently going on in Seattle WA. I have to say we were all smiling hearing
the new tracks as all their new songs far surpass their debut ep which you
can check out on downloadpunk.com.

Expect an MP3 of one of the new recordings online soon and the full album
out in May 2005.

Have a wonderful and safe New Year!
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