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We are excited to announce the signing of Portland band Ever We Fall. The ink is dry and it is official, Ever We Fall is now part of the Hopeless / Sub City Family. We’d like to welcome this awesome band and want to say that we are extremely excited to be working with such a talented group of musicians.

Ever We Fall provides an alternative to the sometimes-usual indie scene, with flavors varying from ambient/emotional to pop influenced rock.

Appealing to fans of everything from emo to hardcore these guys are sure to be a breakout success in 2005. The band has been honing their craft in Portland for the past two years. They spent this past summer on their first ever US tour. These 17-19 year-olds are currently preparing to do some more touring as well as continue writing some new tunes to go on their debut full length set to hit the streets in 2005. The Hopeless full-length will be the follow-up their debut EP, Endura, on Rise Records.

Adam Brazie of Ever We Fall (Vocals/Guitar) had this to say about the signing, “We’re so excited to be signing to one of the labels that we’ve grown up listening to and a label that we have so much respect for…” he goes on to say “being label mates with our brothers Kaddisfly just tops off the excitement!” Adam, we’re psyched too!

To learn more about the band check out their BAND page. There you will find some photos, a bio and make sure to also check the DOWNLOADS PAGE for a chance to hear free MP3 of the unreleased track, ‘State Bird the Mosquito’. Please join us in welcoming Ever We Fall to the family!
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